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100% Community Governance

No bait & switch sales tactics here, simply real social governance via blockhain consensus.

What Else is DeVault?

A Worldwide Payments Network

DeVault is built on a Bitcoin-like blockchain system which creates an immutable record of all money transfers and enables worldwide commerce.


Desktop & Mobile Apps

We make participating in the DeVault economy as simple as using your phone or desktop computer.


Worldwide Economy

Everyone is a valued community member in the DeVault ecosystem, where having a voice is a basic right.


Secure Payments

Most DeVault transactions complete their first confirmation within 2 minutes and arrive within 60 seconds.

I'm listening, keep going..

A Secure, Personal 'Banking Tool'.

With the world of DeVault it is entirely possible to become your own banker and financial advisor by simply holding DeVault coins.


Cold Rewards for All

There are multiple methods of achieving passive coin gains within the DeVault community such as Cold Rewards, Mining or as a payment.


Community Funding Platform

DeVault Community Funding is leveraged as a way for the community to grow and build the network from within by funding community proposed ideas.


No Single Authority

Unlike traditional banking concepts, or centralized crypto currencies, DeVault is run by community consensus, there is no central authority.

How does it all work?

Some Extra Details..

The DeVault Origin Story..

DeVault was a project born out of a clear lack of something similar existing in the space with the goal of including as many people as possible in a global community governed economy, other projects may claim these goals, but more often than not are secretly being controlled from behind the scenes by users with more authority than others, within DeVault this is frowned upon, everyone is more or less equal in DeVault.

The DeVault community comes from all over the world, and was working towards the goal of global decentralization long before DeVault was imagined, now we are all uniting under a community name and on a single blockchain in order to spread out values of community, decentralization and wealth to the entire world. The DeVault community has full control of the fate of the project and can even decide as a community to replace the current team or even start new ones to empower more people.

Join The Community

Unlike with most projects, DeVault has no central authority or a single founder, in fact DeVault was founded by more than 20 people, with no single person being in charge of this group, the concept was simple, come together and create something beneficial for everyone, that was fun, easy to use and designed around the users, not the profiteers. As a community we carry the burden of lifting one another up and helping each other succeed, and this is what DeVault is about. Much like early Bitcoin culture..

Work With Us

We spent and still spend countless hours researching the most ideal ways to distribute the coins over long periods of time to not only help improve distribution and decentralization but also create an economy designed around the users, not the exchanges, faulty industry standards or even profit hungry investors. Coin production will begin at 500 coins a block, and award these blocks once every two minutes on average as show in the chart below. The reward will slowly rise to 1000 coins per block and then reverse towards 1 over a 750 year period.

Cold Rewards pays out coins to unspent transactions (UTXOs) that are greater than a minimum (nMinReward coins) and are older than approximately one month (nMinRewardBlocks number of blocks). NOTE: Addresses are not evaluated by total amounts, each separate UTXO is considered.

This is a list of constants used in this system:
BlocksPerYear - Estimated number of blocks in 1 year
PerCentPerYear - Percentage return for Cold Rewards, currently changes each year from 15,12,9,7,5 %
nMinRewardBlocks - Rewards occur no more frequently than this
nMinRewardBalance = 25000 * COIN
nMinReward = 50 * COIN - Only pay out reward if it's bigger than this These unspent transaction must come from regular transactions. Either miner rewards or previous cold rewards will not counted - as coinbase outputs are ignored.

At each block all of the valid UTXOs will be evaluated for possible reward payout. We use a concept of "differential" height to determine viability. The "differential" height is the different between the current block number and either 1) the block number when this UTXO was created or 2) the block number when this UTXO last got a rewards payout. That is, for the 1st payout, we will use 1) and afterwards 2). The coin address that will be rewarded will be the one with the biggest differential height, provided that the calculated reward is greater than (nMinReward).

If multiple UTXOs have the same differential height, the largest one will get paid out. If several UTXO have the same differential height and payout amount, then payout will be based on sorting the COutpoints

In addition there is a limit of nMaxReward on the payout, to avoid people putting too much at one address (may help against exchange cold wallets accumulating) and also causing huge amounts of coins to be created in any one block. If people hit this limit they can simply move coins to another addresses/UTXO.

Learn More: Cold Staking Mining

In an effort to create a self sustaining 'blockchain organism' we realized the only proper way to keep the project alive is to not have any single points of failure or authority, thus, complete community governance was placed as the main focus.

Learn More: Detailed Information Governance Portal
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Useful Network Info

  • Coin Supply:
  • Max (Softcap) Supply: ~2,000,000,000
  • Block Time: 120 seconds
  • Block Size: 32mb
  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Initial Block Reward: 500

Current Block Split*

  • Miners 55%
  • Community Budget: 15%
  • Core Dev DAO: 10%
  • Web Dev &Support DAO: 10%
  • Biz Dev & Marketing DAO: 10%
  • Cold Staking is added as a seperate inflationary system that miners send out every block that has its own schedule.